About the quiz

Some months ago, the fine guys at local.ch were looking for a new system engineer for their team. Instead of just running some job ads like everyone else would do, they decided to put up the System Engineering Quiz to find the perfect person for the job. According to Philipp Keller, the System Engineering Quiz was successful - and they even launched a second version.

Those two quiz rounds inspired me to create another quiz - but targeted to a slightly different audience. This quiz is dedicated to all the Webworkers that are creating websites or webbased applications. I don't have a job for you, but in case you'll apply for a job at internezzo after successfully finishing all levels of this game and mentioning it, this will definitely boost your application :-)

How does it work?

Just start with the first stage, then try to find the link to the next stage of the challenge. The single stages provide you with some hints on how to proceed, but of course, the challenge is to find out the seeked details to find the link to the next stage.

In case you're stuck at some point and need support, you could send me a mail and I'll try to provide you with some hints to get you back on track.

The game has 5 levels and once you completed all of them, you can add yourself to the hall of fame.


To keep the quiz to be a challenge and fun for everyone, you're asked to follow the few following rules:


I'd like to thank the following persons for being a great support and inspiration while creating this quiz during the course of the last months: Philipp Keller, my wife and the whole team at internezzo.

Technically this whole thing is based on PHP and some frontend base kindly provided by Bootstrap. Thanks to everyone for sharing your stuff as open-sourced software!

Let's go

Enough blah blah now, let's start with the first stage

I'm looking forward to hearing from you!